Samuel Joshua Glinn and family circa 1912

Glinn family history

Now then.

This is a work in progress, and it's early days: from the links below you will find files showing
a line of Glinn back to the late 18th Century in the Parish of Maker, Cornwall - including Rame, Cawsand, Kingsand, Antony, St Germans ... The files also now include my early research into the Allen clan in Liverpool and its branches, back to Sharkey, Maher and other Irish ancestors who came to Liverpool in the 19th Century. Recent updates have begun to include Keeling and Callaghan relatives.

There are two versions from the links below:

Now: the link on the right leads to a password protected index page which allows you navigate around, and download, my ancestors and all the living branches of the family that I have traced so far. I've uploaded it as pedigree files but included all known links -
If you're part of the family and  don't already have it then email me and I'll send you the password - you should be able to find yourself in these pages.

Then: the link on the left leads to pages that contain no identifying references to the living; if you've surfed in, they're for you.

This is only just begun; I have a lot more information, sources, documents, photos, biogs to add once the basic relationship structures are "proven." I'm grateful to all those who've helped me so far including my Mum and Dad, Arthur, Marie and Shannon in Prince Rupert, JDR, and John in Linz, and especially to Deirdre who inspired me to do this by responding in October 2005 to a message I'd posted on a bulletin board three years previously, about Thomas and Fanny Glinn; I'm certain we are 4th cousins! I welcome all comments and contributions.

After originally posting something fairly comprehensive in December 2005 I've done little work to the website and indeed on the research until early October 2006 whilst convalescing! This has involved a change of software from Ancestry Family Tree to Legacy. I'm still not happy with the format and will continue to look to improve the content on those rare opportunities when I am housebound and not preoccuppied with work.

Please, if you have looked at these pages, email me and let me know!

SG 4th October 2006
Glinn Family - Then
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